Leopold-Maximilian Donchield Zu Leone II

Leopold Donchield Zu Leone

Leopold-Maximilian Donchield Zu Leone II

Leopold Donchield Zu Leone

C1Leopold-Maximilian Donchield Zu Leone II – Constitutional Monarchy and Nationalism in West Africa.

It really has become increasingly evident by listening to super rich African individuals like Leopold Maximilian Donchield Zu Leone II and other new African elite, that the transformation process occurring in several African countries will require a new redefinition of relationships between the Governments and the whole range of political spectrum, including the Constitutional Monarchy.

The objective of this article is to look into the political landscape focusing mainly on the Constitutional Monarchy in the African context.

Much have been seen or written about various systems and leadership in Africa, especially, Western Africa. We have seen in history, countries gaining independence with a lot of promises to the people, but on the other hand less progress on Development post Colony. We only see deterioration in all aspects of people’s lives and more corruption to some extent.

The idea of Constitutional Monarchy keeps creeping in to the mind of some prominent Africans, especially those that have broadly been exposed to the European system. The European system had been proven to be successful for many hundreds of years before, using the Constitutional Monarchy.

Mr Richard Stevens in his article on Constitutional Monarchy refers to the ideas he read about Leopold Donchield Zu Leone II and his vision about the Constitutional Monarchy. It is interesting and encouraging to me as a reader and a writer to learn about these brilliant ideas and gives hope that the future could be even brighter for Africa.

History proved to us that many countries that followed Constitutional Monarchy in Europe progressed successfully for a long time, even today, they keep progressing. I see no reason why Constitutional Monarchy system should fail in Africa. Some of the African countries had been under the same system prior independence, even though they were not in control at that time. Without duplicating or copying the European style on Constitutional Monarchy, Africa, especially Western Africa, can follow the same model in her own African context.

Richard Stevens outlines the complete history of the Constitutional monarchy in his article, the difficulties countries had to face to achieve the transition to the system at that time. He puts it clearly that it was not easy then, indicating that it won’t be easy now, but it can be achieved with greater determination. Richard Stevens’s in-depth research on this subject and writing on the vision of Leopold Donchield Zu Leone II, makes one believe that Leopold Donchield Zu Leone II has a clear knowledge of the Constitutional Monarchy system. If it had to be pushed forward, Leopold Donchield Zu Leone is the one to drive it for the future of Africa to be bright and Africa to claim her rightful place as the fastest economic developing continent.


What are some of the benefits to look at on this article:

  •  Constitutional Monarchy allows for limited balanced powers and elected in the form of a parliament of elected ministers.
  • Provides Stability and act as a symbol of the state or nation.
  • Improves foreign investments
  • Political and economical stability.
  • Improved morality of the nation.
  • Less wars and infighting that hampers growth

The next issue will deal with these benefits in details, inviting your comments and contribution of course.

See also:  www.leopolddonchieldzuleoneii.wordpress.com


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